Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Need Your Opinion

**UPDATE:  I finally figured out this bad boy, you can see the process and results here!

Well everyone, I am in a quandary.  I have a project that I'm going to get started on soon, but I can't decide what exactly to do with it.

Exhibit A:

This is a dresser I picked up last week, and it's slated for a makeover.  I'm going to paint it almost completely in white.  The curved front is screaming for something smooth and pretty--and I need something to lighten up my space in the store.  Too many dark things for my taste, see?
Actually, that picture is from a few weeks ago--it's a little darker still, now.  So needless to say, I'm looking for a hit of smooth white to brighten the place up.  And here is where I need your help.

I can't decide if I should just paint the whole thing a satin white, or if I should do something similar to an earlier project, the Glossy Black Dresser and leave some of the wood grain intact.  Here is a picture of that project, to refresh your memory:
I am thinking about doing something similar to this one, though I would do multiple small strains of the woodgrain, instead of one big swathe.  Think a little more gentle rather than bold.  Here are some pictures of the top of the current dresser, all sanded and wetted down so you can see what the grain would look like if left exposed.

This is where I am stuck.  And the bit to keep in mind is that I'm doing this to sell.  I don't want to make something that no one wants to buy.  I also don't want to pass up an opportunity to do something really unique. 

So I'm asking all of you--what would you rather see in a store and feel more inclined to buy?  This is my unofficial poll--please leave a comment and lemme know! (and of course, I will write a post about the process when it's done).  Thanks!

Also, I've got some killer posts coming down the pipeline, so get ready to put on your project panties and have some fun!

***UPDATE:  I finally figured out this bad boy, you can see the process and results here!

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  1. here goes: since you want white i would leave the real light "yellow" on the top. i also might leave some on the piece that jutts out underneath the top two drawers-but thats a guess without seeing what that piece looks like-just seems like it needs some continuity. I am excited to see what your creativity comes up with.


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