Friday, August 31, 2012

Garage Shelving Destruction

Welcome to what has been dubbed our

"Summer of Destruction."

We love our new home...but there are definitely things that HAVE to go.

One word:  Thistles.

But more on that another day.
For today, we have the destruction of some garage shelving!  I know, I know, perhaps too exciting for a mere blog post.  But we will press on together.

Meet our old shelving:
This is actually an "almost" before shot, because I was distracted by my hunk of a husband pounding away and didn't think to capture the moment on my camera until later.  Can you blame me?

There used to be pegboard along the wall of the center section, and another two shelves above the center shelf.

Now you might be saying,
 "Hey, I'd give my left two lug nuts for some nice, sturdy shelves like 'at!"

 And I would respond to you by saying,

"Yes, but whoever built these nice, sturdy shelves did NOT have to fit a car and a full-size truck into this subdivision-size garage."

And I would win.  Because I always win on my blog.
SO.  We decided to get rid of them and reuse the lumber to build a nice, sturdy shelf high in the garage that wouldn't be in the way or give us concussions as we squeeze by the truck.

Joe started hammering.  Because whoever built these suckers meant for them to live through a nuclear blast and act as food storage for the proceeding nuclear winter...well, that or he just really liked his nail gun.
 Seriously, Nail-Gun Guy?  You need NINE NAILS to get this board attached?  NINE????
 Let's just say that Joe was sore for a few days after all this.

Joe finally got it all down after a little sweat, maybe blood.  We won't talk about the tears.
Just kidding.

And then the hubster started putting up the NEW shelving!  Beginning with these "studs" (2x4's) attached with Lag bolts.  Kudos to Joe for getting all the materials for this shelf from the old pieces he took down.  I don't know if I would have had the patience (NINE nails, people).
 Then he built essentially a miniature "Wall" to form the shelf (built on 16" centers for the geeky people out there), attached them with lag bolts, then added on cantilevers (those angle pieces, for the normal-y people out there).  Then he cut the plywood to size and BAM!  NEW SHELVES!!!!
 We're pretty excited to get both our vehicles in the garage.  Because let's face it--if you get hail damage on your truck because you had it sitting right outside your perfectly useable's probably your own darn fault.  So now we can put our garage to its proper use!

Oh, and for those of you who want see something pretty,  here is some masculine decorating for you.  Joe had brought these signs home from work--they're products/brands that his company owns & sells.  And I gotta tell you, they're kinda cool :)
I told Joe I think we should get royalties for putting those signs up.  Because our retiree neighbors are often buying bags of soybean seed...
And now we have a home for my gardening supplies, our miscellaneous gas/oil/car stuff, our sprayer, cooler, fishing and grilling stuff.  Oh yeah, and a home for the car and truck :)

It's good to be home.

Oh, and sorry Nail-Gun Guy, but this time we used screws.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend everyone!  We're going to see some family and friends, hang out and probably drink some lemonade.  Sounds like a good weekend to me.

~The Doodle Bug


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