Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reader Spotlight on Kristen

Hello Everyone!

I've been MIA from blogland for quite some time now, and I needed a little extra push (and some material...) to help me jump back in.  Well lucky for you, a fellow reader sent me her incredible project and was gracious enough to let me share it with all of you!

Kristen had this coffee table that she had at one point purchased from  She has since moved to a different home,  and her relationship with the table was getting stale.  So instead of replacing it, she thought she might as well try to paint it first!  And goodness me, she found my blog and used the Driftwood Look  tutorial!  Hot diggety dawg I am super impressed!
 Everybody give Kristen a high-five!  Also, I'm loving her new home.  Beautiful.  Check out that molding and built-in.  Party at Kristen's house!

Just kidding.
Only because I don't know where she lives...
Probably in California.
Have you ever noticed that every DIY blogger in the universe seems to be from California?  What is it about that state?  Maybe it's the fresh air because of their super-strict emission laws.  Hmmm.

No matter, Kristen did a great job and has been rewarded with a beautiful piece.  See?  It's worth painting before you buy a replacement!

And while you've all been watching the arrival of Spring for the last four months, I've been loving being a mommy.  And now our little Snuggle Bug (that's what I've decided to call her on the blog, since she loves being held and snuggled) has gone from being a newborn to this sweet little bundle of cute :)
Thanks, Kristen for letting me share your genius!

Have a project you'd like to see in a Reader Spotlight?  Use the Contact link at the top of my site and let me know!

~The Doodle Bug

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