Friday, January 4, 2013

Nursery Reveal!

I know, you thought it would never come.
But it has!
I've been working on the nursery for...a long time now.  Putting it together bit-by-bit since August.

People have been asking Joe at work what the theme is for the nursery.

There's no theme.
My goal was to make a gender-neutral nursery (we don't know what we're having), and since I didn't want to do yellow and green, I decided on a different route.  I decided to put feminine and masculine elements into the room and (hopefully) strike a balance between them.  You can judge for yourself how I did.  And if you don't like it, just lie and tell me you do, or I might break into a bout of hormonal crying :)

37 weeks this Sunday, by the way!

Here is how the room looked when we moved in.
Not bad...just boring, and like the rest of the house, "oaky" (check out the Kitchen & Dining Room Reveal if you want to see more).

I decided first that I would put a "lemongrass" color on the wall.  Awesome.
So I mixed up a sample, pretty excited to get started.
I tenderly painted the color on the wall, thinking fondly of our little munchkin-to-come.
...and then I just about bopped in my mouth.
I. Hated. It.
I'm going to be looking at enough baby poop in the coming months, I don't need the walls to be singing the same tune!
Okay, time to revamp.
So I headed to my computer to Pinterest (where else??) and my trusty Nursery board.  And I found a solution.
I know, beige and white are a bit...boring?  But I like it.  Simple, and I could add whatever color I wanted in the rest of the room without worrying about clashing.

So that's the introduction, and here is the finished room!  I'll list out some items and details at the end.
Hang on a second.  Where the heck did that INCREDIBLE blanket come from???
Oh, you know.  
My Mom made it.
SAY WHAT?  She Made it??  I knew she was knitting a blanket, and I picked out the colors, but I was pretty much envisioning a simple stripe or a basic chevron pattern.  Then at Christmas I open THIS.  I was completely blown away.  Thank you, Mom, for slaving away for six months +.  Baby is going to love it.
Yes, I am still in shock.
She made it.

So exciting!
Here are the dirty details:
Paint & Moldings:  We painted the walls, window and trim.  The trim around the top of the room is actually two different moldings, and we painted the wall between them white to give a bigger impact.  The top trim is a small crown, and the lower one is Picture Rail Molding.  I think we spent about $60 for both moldings.  We had to special order the Picture Rail, and I still need to order hooks to go on it.  It's a molding you can hang stuff from with special hangers they make (Google it, it's pretty snazzy).  And I think it makes the ceiling feel higher, which is nice.

Joe thinks it's funny that the only room in our house with crown molding is the Nursery.

Okay, here's where I got a bunch of stuff.  I did a lot myself, many were gifts (recent and from the past) and some I bought from stores or other creative people.  

Crib:  A Beautiful and generous gift from my parents.  It's the DaVinci crib made by Kalani, in Espresso.
Mobile:  A gift from my Grandparents.
Embroidery Hoops with Fabric:  I bought the embroidery hoops at a thrift shop, painted them white, and put  in fabric that I had on hand.  $8.
Knitted Blanket:  A gorgeous gift from my awesome Mom.  Wow.
Crib Sheet:  Carter's Brown Plush (Velour) Easy-Fit Crib sheet.  Babies-R-Us.  $18.
Crib Skirt:  A gift from my Grandparents
Curtains:  I bought plain white grommeted panels at Target ($29.99) and bought a yard of the super cute Argyle fabric on Etsy ($9?).  I sewed a strip of the fabric onto the panels and voila!  Custom panels for under $40!
Metal Bucket O' Blankets:  I bought the bucket (with red handles! Eee!) at Now & Again.  ~$20?
Glider & Ottoman:  I bought it on Craigslist for $25, in desperate need of new foam and fabric (but the wood was already white.  Score).  I recovered it with fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics and replaced almost all the foam.  Total came to about $60.
Red Changing Table:  I found this at one of the Occasional stores in town, This & That, for $50.  Already painted and everything!
Changing Pad Cover:  Mod Pod "Pop Monkey."  Babies-R-Us, $17.99
White Wall Shelves:  I bought these at Now & Again, and painted them white.  I used a little stamp for the green flourish and bought the hooks at Menards.  $19.
Rooster:  The rooster on the shelf was a gift from a dear friend.  
Large Wood Sign:  The piece of wood was a tabletop that I really loved...and couldn't let go of (look at the grain, I know you wouldn't let it go either).  So I found a new purpose for it!  We took it off the table frame (it was wobbly and couldn't be fixed), and I painted the Robert Frost quote on it using a large engineering print from Staples and transfer paper.  I used the same method that I did for the Mailbox Makeover and DIY Canvas Art.  Then I distressed the writing a bit with sandpaper and waxed the whole thing with a dark furniture wax.  I am super happy with it.  And in case you're worried about baby, we hung it on the wall with two hangers, each rated for 50 lbs.  Special order at the hardware store for this worried first-time Mom :) 
"Imagine" Sign:  This was a gift a few years back from another dear friend.  The company covers letters with recycled metal containers.  Crazy fun.  I don't know where my friend got it, sorry.
God Gave Us You Book:  A sweet little gift from my parents. 

The pictures I took myself and other little knick-knacks I had on hand from random places.  
If you have questions about anything else, just let me know.

So there you have it!  The Nursery is finished and just waiting for a perfect little bundle to arrive!

We're all packed (well, as packed as we can get at this point) for the hospital, and waiting impatiently for the time to come.  But the baby will come in God's time, we know.  

We're hoping & praying for you, Little One,  
and we can't wait to meet you!

~The Doodle Bug

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  1. I see a woostah pillow case.....I sense a new tradition starting. Woostah births. Fitting. :-)

  2. It really does look fabulous..but I knew it would. I am very excited for you both and know that you and Joe will be great parents.

  3. Hi Becky. What a lucky little baby he/she will be. The room is looking so great. I bet you can't wait. Mom really made a beautiful blanket for you..Happy Sunday..Judy

  4. Looks like you are ready to welcome your little into the world. The nursery is charming! I love all the interesting little elements and the mix of colors. And I'm sure there is a whole lot of love in that blanket that your mom made!

  5. Not gonna lie, I've never been in love with those embroidery hoops I've been seeing pop up all over BUT I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE yours over the crib!!!!!! So much so I'm thinking, hmmmm.... my daughters room? :) Super cute and that blanket is AMAZING! Don't you LOVE MOMS?!!!

  6. Adorable! Congrats on baby!!!! I am 32 weeks an anxiously waiting to meet my baby boy! Thanks for linking up your nursery to Classy Clutter; I'm featuring you tonight!

    XOXO, Mallory @ Classy Clutter

  7. Oh my goodness, I love it! And if I'm calculating correctly...this says that this past Sunday you were 37 weeks...meaning you're due on the 27th, right? Because I was 37 weeks this past Sunday and am due on the 27th too!! :) I'm having a little boy...couldn't imagine not knowing the gender! I'm impressed!


    1. Congratulations, Chloe! I'm actually due the 26th...I keep getting confused on which day exactly the week changes over :) But hey, it's close enough! Good luck with your little boy!

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  9. Ooh! I recognize that cute blanket!!! So fun to finally meet Miss Munchkin - she's adorable!


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