Friday, January 18, 2013

Mission-Style Rocking Chairs

Due Date Countdown:  8 Days

Yes, I'm still pregnant :)

Baby seems perfectly content to keep hangin' around in my belly, so for now you get to wait in expectancy with me.  Except you can probably walk without waddling, so you can only kind of sympathize.

But are you ready to see a couple of chairs get a makeover??  I bet you are.  I've been getting emails up the wazoo about people really wanting to see chair makeovers.
Okay, I just made that up.

But I have been getting a few people asking questions about projects via the new "contacts" tab, and I'm loving all your creativity and sweet compliments!  Also, the archive tabs above are all updated and ready for you, so if this baby comes before I can put up another post, you'll be set for a bit.
(Joe and I actually think that since we have family driving from 5 and 12 hours away, the baby is bound to come during a snow storm.  We keep checking the forecast to figure out when the little munchkin's going to arrive.  Nothing yet...)

Here we go.
Mission-Style Rocking Chairs
Ooh, pretty!  And how often have I seen these chairs and never thought to do anything with them?

This was a project I was hired to do for a wonderful couple at our church.  Let's call them the M&M's (because I'm apparently still not over that chocolate craze of a previous post).  The chairs came to them from Mr. M&M's mother, and Mrs. M&M just wanted to update the look.  They went back and forth about painting the oak frames--which is perfectly understandable--but decided that paint would really give her the finish she wanted (wood purists, are you fainting?).  In the end, I think the paint was a great choice.  Why have something if you don't really like it?  Plus they're practically oozing awesome now.

It seemed like a fairly manageable project from what I saw initially, and actually turned out to be a bit easier than even I anticipated.  So if you have a pair of Mission-Style rockers that you want to re-do, have no fear.  You don't even have to have a special staple gun for this one!  All you need is a sewing machine, something that throws staples, and some gumption.

I won't get into a lengthy explanation, but if you have questions please feel free to ask and I will gladly go into more detail for you.
My Super-Handy Hubby painted the frames for me.  Because he's such a good dad already :)  As you can tell by the t-shirt he's wearing and the snow-free driveway, this was a while ago.  
All slicked up in their new finish!  I then sanded the edges very lightly.  We wanted a tish of distressing for dimension, but nothing close to the "chippy" look.  Just a light touch did the trick.
The back cushion had only a little sewing in the top corners, so that was really simple.
The fabric was installed by fitting the corners properly at the top, and then wrapping the fabric around to the back side to staple.  This whole cushion was essentially an "insert" that screwed into the sides of the frame.  It was a pretty slick system to work with.
The bottom cushion was a little more sewing, but it only involved attaching two side panels to the seat.  Again, really simple.
Then once again, Joe to the rescue!  These frames were solid oak--even the inside framing that was for the upholstery.  Seriously, if I had tried to break these chairs I just would have ended up with bruises.  They were so tough.  Tough enough that I couldn't get these screws in or out by myself.  Thanks honey, you're the best.  And I apparently need to work out more.

Here's the finished product again.  I apologize for the not-awesome pictures.  I *may* have forgotten to take pictures until Joe was getting ready to load them into the truck for delivery, and it was dark out.  Oops.  But hey, at least we deliver!  We deliver for the small cost of cookies and ice cream.  Not really, but they did give us cookies and ice cream when we picked the chairs up...because they're super sweet people.
And in case you're wondering, Mrs. M&M picked the fabric out herself, and I really love it.  It's classy but not too formal at the same time.  She bought it at Joann Fabrics, in case you're now in dire need to buy some for yourself.

And now you can mentally sit in those chairs, rock back and forth and dream of how cute our baby is going to be!

In case you missed the Nursery Reveal! last week, you can check it out Here (or in the linked text before, but hey I like to be thorough).

And I did forget to post our Christmas picture this year, so I'll bid you adieu with that.
Photo Courtesy of Cheryl Lancaster

Have a great weekend, everyone!

~The Doodle Bug

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  1. Hi there and happy new year!
    OK, enquiring minds want to know, "How did you finish the back of the back cushion? I can't see any staples or gimp braid hiding the staples.
    I have a Morris recliner in the mission style. It is actually three parts. Imagine your chairs with no seat cushion or back - just the frame of arms, legs and the bottom where you would sit. There is a separate frame for the bottom and back cushions which are about 4 inches deep. The bottom just plunks down on the frame of the chair; the top portion (back) attaches to the bottom via a metal gizmo that allows me to adjust the "lean" of the back (i.e. I can "lean" it so the bottom and back are straight out like a bed or partially upright - whatever works). Hence, the name "recliner". My old cat had a go at the front of the chair so have to figure out what I can do about it.
    So, the back of your chairs - how?
    All the best for your new addition whenever the little person decides to make an appearance.
    All the best,
    camikula at bell dot net

    1. Cathy, thanks for stopping by and for your question! I've sent a detailed email response to you, but in case anyone has the same question, here's a short version: The back has what I call "Tack strips" on each side. I explained that technique a little more in depth in the Upholstered Chair Fit for a Princess post
      Check it out if you're curious!

  2. You guys did a great job on this DIY project...luv that fabric. Thanks for sharing at my NTT party.


  3. Love it, what a great job. Material is beautiful too.

    1. She did pick beautiful fabric, didn't she? I had a bunch left over that I gave back...maybe I should have kept some, huh?

  4. Looks Fabulous!! And love the Christmas photo! :) Maybe you've had your lil' sweetie by the time I've seen this! :)

    1. Thank you, Kammy! Yes, we had our little girl on the 27th, so about the time you wrote the comment we were soon-to-be at the hospital to greet our little one. Impeccable timing on your part :) Thanks for stopping by!

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