Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Salvaged Wall Hanger

I wasn't prepared.

So I'm warning you ahead of time, so you can be ready.

You'll be able to tell very soon that I didn't think this project would be all that interesting before I started.
You know that feeling?
And then how most of the time you're wrong and wish you had planned better?

Yeah, this is one of those.  Therefore I have no "before" picture.
Thanks in advance for your grace.

It all started with six chairs.  Here's two of them:

I had bought six chairs, each in varying degrees of disrepair.  I only needed four, so I used the bits and pieces to fix up four good solid chairs.

But then I had pieces left over.  Chair skeletons in my basement.
I did have two of those really cool curved top pieces left, and that's where this all began.

They started out the color of these chairs, from the Driftwood-Look Table & Chairs.
Just sort of normalish.
Okay, and here's where my brain kicked in and I started to take pictures.
 This is once I spray painted the piece in Rustoleum's "Ivory Bisque."  Can't go wrong with that color.
And then I fell off the boat again and forgot to take pictures.

The missing part is this:  I distressed it.  Mostly I scraped away at it with a paint scraper.  A little sand paper at times.  I just worked on it until it looked right.
Next came the hooks.  Yes, hooks.
1) predrill holes...    2) Screw in provided screws.

Enter dilemma number 1:  How do I get this thing to hang on the wall.
Problem:  Sawtooth hangers are ridiculously expensive for the small little thing they are.  Silly.
Solution:  I found these little metal circle thingies for about 30 cents.  And just stapled them on.
 I have no idea what those circle thingies are actually for...but they worked!
And here's where my non-project ended up!  It's amazing what you can do with skeletons in your basement.
So now the question is:  What can YOU make with the junk in YOUR basement??

Have a great week--and Happy Father's Day this Sunday, all you Dads out there!!  Well, I guess I mostly just mean my Dad.  Have a great day, Dad!


  1. I am not sure what can be made out of our basement, maybe you should check it out when you are here!


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