Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Window Garden

Yesterday and today have been full of exciting decorating fun.  Today, I've been working on a little bench made from a small wood crate--but you'll have to wait until it's done to see it!  For today, I have the results of a long thought-out process that I finally jumped on yesterday.

                      Before                                                                                    After

In magazines, I kept stumbling across pictures like the ones found in these blog posts (I am sorry, but I cannot post pictures from other sites on my blog...they always end up getting removed even if they are credited and linked to the original site...anyone know if that's just the way it's always going to be, or if there's a way around it?  I read blogs that have pictures from other sites up...I'm just not sure how they do it!).  If you have a spare moment, these are the links to their posts; they're pretty cool:

Don't you love those hanging terrariums?  If I got my wish, I would have some of those puppies--I'm just not sure that I would remember to mist them everyday.  And I love the idea of glass shelving in the window--they give you a place for plants without blocking the light.  Perfect.

But for me right now, I wanted to find a similar solution without having to go and buy anything.  So yesterday I set out to get it done.

This is my window of choice since it's southern-facing and needs a little push of greatness.  There's nothing wrong with the way it was, I just felt like there could be something a little more exciting going on in this space.  

I knew that I wanted to have plants in the window, but there's not enough of a ledge to set planters on it.  I do, however, have a plethora of canning jars!  So I grabbed 6 small canning jars, some wire, and fishing line.  

I wrapped a length of wire around the top of the jars for a place to attach the fishing line.  I wanted to hang three strings with two jars each.  I made sure to double the fishing line on each side...just in case the 12 lb test wasn't heavy enough.

After a lot of finagling and trial-and-error, I figured out how to string two jars on the same strands of fishing line.  Phew!  I'm getting this figured out as I go.

While I'm doing the jars, I'm waiting on some paint to dry.  I wanted to put some color on the side of the cupboards, but we rent this house so I needed a removable solution.

Enter in my roll of textured wallpaper that I used for the Glossy Black Dresser.
I cut out the proper sized pieces for the sides of the cupboards, and also the underside of the top cupboards, above the window.  I am apparently still in a sunny mood,        so I painted the sections yellow.

Once they were dry, I hung them using hot glue (which peeled right off when I removed it from a test spot--I think the cupboards are painted in oil-based paint.  Latex, I'm pretty sure, would peel), and a few little nails and thumb tacks.  

I added some hooks to the wood above the window to hang my little planters, then sat back to appreciate my handiwork.  

Too bad it felt incomplete.  I could see all the little hooks and the mini blinds, and I wasn't diggin' it.

Lucky for me, I had some fabric that I adore left over from the Radio Chest Revamp.  I did a cheater-pants seam using the hot glue gun to fold over the fabric onto itself (hey, it works!) on all the sides, and simply thumb-tacked the fabric panel in place.  Done and Done!

And at the end of my journey, I have a cute little window to look at--I can't wait until the seeds come up and start growing!

Oh, I planted chives in three planters, and little peppers called Aurora in the other three.  Grow, baby grow.

                       Have a bright sunshiny day!

They're up and growing like crazy!  Below are a few new pictures of the peppers.  The chives didn't really do much, so I ended up moving the extra peppers into the empty jars :)

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  1. What a great idea! I love anything with Mason Jars. Megan


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