Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Ice Skates

 Hello All and Merry Christmas!

We just had some snow come down last night, so it's looking a little more like Christmas up here.  As promised, I have a Christmas craft to show you, one that I had a lot of fun with for the store.
I got the idea from my Mom, who saw it in a catalog last year (thanks, Mom!).  I thought it would be a fun thing to have in the store, so I went out and gathered ice skates and greenery galore.  All you need for one is:

1.  1 Ice Skate (I like the white ones, but you could also use black)
2.  A few Sprays of greenery
3.  Pinecones, ball ornaments, or other pretties that you like
4.  Hot glue
5.  A way to hang them.  For this, I used belt buckles that I had left over from the Belt Floor Mat.  You     could simply use some pretty ribbon or rope, as well.
The process for them is pretty self explanatory.  Plug that glue gun in and go!  But I did figure out along the way that some order of operations was helpful.  Here is the order I ended up using:

1.  Glue in the belt with belt buckle (or whatever hanging mechanism you decide on).  Use a lot of glue, because you don't want it falling down!
2.  I did some of the skates with sticks, so I put those in next to give some rigidity to the back of the skate.
3.  Glue in your biggest sprays of greenery, followed by smaller pieces to fill in.
4.  Decorate with all your pretties & pine cones (This is my favorite part--glue until it sparkles)
5.  I finished it off by spraying some sparkly metallic spray paint on the tips of the greenery and on the pine cones.  My theory is that you can't have too much sparkle at Christmas.

And at the end of a few days of crafting, I had these!
And because it's Christmas, here are some extra pictures.
 See my snowman??  Remember the ironing board cupboard that I turned into a spice rack, here?  Well, I finally figured out what to do with the ironing board I took out of it.  Mr. Snowman decided he would like to live there, so I painted him.  I'm secretly hoping it doesn't then I can keep him.
Here is a project that one of the other dealers in the store did for her spot, and it's beautiful.  I did not have my good camera, so the picture doesn't do it justice.  Imagine this in a large entryway or over a dining table.  Beautiful.
And no, it's not for sale.  But you could make your own.  Can you figure out what it is?  I couldn't so I asked's an upside down Chrismas Tree!  I am so impressed.

And because I have a very busy Christmas season coming up, I do not know when I will be able to post again.  If you get bored, here are a two of my favorite bloggers to check out.  I'm sure I'll be stopping in to see their great ideas for hosting, decorating, and gifts.

What are some of your favorite Christmas crafts?
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