Monday, November 21, 2011

Vintage Suitcases

I never used to think that these old, vintage suitcases were anything but ordinary.  I remember every summer packing up my clothes into a hard orange-ish suitcase, excited for another week at summer camp.  It did not occur to me that the suitcase I used could perhaps find a new life sometime in the future.

But these old vintage suitcases have definitely been making a comeback--as anything but suitcases.

Here are a few examples:

(I will apologize in advance if the pictures do not show up.  I have been having some issues with pictures from other websites, even if I give them credit and link the picture.  Anyone know if that's normal?  Either way, I link the picture to the source, so if you want to see them and they're not here, you can click on the picture and see it!)

Coffee Table by Kate--featured on Design*Sponge

Suitcase Bench by See Kate Sew
Suitcase Dresser by Junk in the Country
Pet beds from Tip Junkie
How fun, huh?  
Well, I have had a few old suitcases in my possession for a couple years now.  I found them for only $2 each--$6 later, they were mine!  At the time, we were just moving, (literally, I bought them from the store that was next door to our new apartment the day I was moving in all our stuff), to an apartment that had TONS of charm...but no closets.  Actually, that's a theme in our lives.  We still have no closets...well, we do have a small linen closet, so I guess we're moving up in the world!  But in our last apartment, we did not have a linen closet, but we did have a lot of extra room in our bathroom.
This is the full portion of the bathroom, but there's a bunch of open floor space behind the camera.  I was trying to figure out where to put our towels and such when I remembered my suitcases.

And Voila!  A Towel Suitcase!  They fit right in with the colors of the brick, and though we have since moved, I still love how they looked.  
What ideas do you have for old suitcases?  

Happy Thanksgiving week!  I have been prepping for Christmas posts--so after Thanksgiving get ready to plug in your glue gun and get out your jingle bells!

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  1. Love it! What a wonderful idea! :) i just love old suitcases.


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