Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Canning Jar Soap Dispenser

I saw this fun, quick project on Pinterest the other day and wanted to do it so badly (Thank You to my bestie who revealed the magic of Pinterest to me).  It is a project originally posted by Erin at {A Charming Nest} --check hers out and see her other fantastic projects if you get a second!

Yesterday I couldn't wait any longer to get started, and it was such a quick project that I didn't have to put other things off to get it done.  Those kinds of projects are my favorite--small time commitment, big impact.

 I took an antique blue ball jar (I love those old blue ones!) and old zinc lid (I happened to have some of these I bought at a garage sale, but you can use any kind of lid that fits your jar), along with a run-of-the-mill plastic soap dispenser down to my workshop...to face the butcher.

First, I cut the top off the soap dispenser using a utility knife (Watch those fingers!)
I drilled a hole in the top of the zinc lid, big enough to fit the top of the soap dispenser through (we don't have a drill bit big enough, so I had to use the biggest one we have and just make it work...can't say it's the prettiest hole in the world!) 
Next, I took the top of the soap dispensor and put it through the lid...then screwed on the pump!  Voila!  You can't even see the ugly hole in the top anymore!  
Fill up your Ball Jar with soap, screw on your new pump and BAM!  You have a cutie soap dispensor!
 You will notice that I chose to put it in the bathroom, not the kitchen.  I really wanted to put it in the kitchen, but remember how my kitchen sink area now looks like this?
I wasn't really in the mood for a seventh canning jar in the area, so the bathroom received the soap dispenser.
 Mental Note:  Next time I buy hand soap, I want to buy the clear kind so I can see the jar better!

I am so excited to have this unique little guy in the bathroom.  One little piece of character at a time.

Happy Tuesday!

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