Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eye Candy

I realize that I spend a lot of my posting time explaining steps and processes.  But sometimes we all just need a break.  So today, here are some pictures of pretty and funky things that have gone through my space or are still there at Now & Again.  Sit back, relax, get some lemonade hot cider (geez, fall is definitely here in Minnesota), and enjoy. 


+ Spray Paint + Tape =

 Fabulous Coffee Table made by none other than my husband.
Groovy, baby.  Put this thing on your bookshelf.  Or use it--it works!

 Before:                                                        After:

     "Take Me Home!"

And now, a sneak peek at something that will make its trek into the store for this weekend.  Ladies and gentlemen, I saw this and Had to save it for someone to take home and love.  Introducing, a 1970's AMF Junior Tricycle, complete with totally rad' paint job and...drumroll...

This thing makes me giddy.  Too bad I'm too big to ride it.  
How do I know, you ask?  
...uh...Just guessing...of course...
Happy Tuesday.

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