Sunday, October 24, 2010


I am excited about this blog.  I am excited because this blog, unlike the one that I tried to keep up with during college, actually has a purpose.  I am not a skilled enough writer to write beautiful poetic entries that inspire one's thoughts and raise philosophical questions.  BUT...I do love to make things.

This blog is a collection of my creative whims.  I will try (and have been with projects I have done recently) to take pictures along the way and explain what I have done.  My hope is to provide regular, though not every day, inspiration to anyone who wants to get some creative energy going.  I don't promise to be a professional by any means...but I'll try a few crazy things along the way and show you where I end up!

My life's current premise:  I am living with my wonderful husband in a one bedroom apartment.  It has great architecture, no closets, and we love it.  I have no REAL work space, so sometimes I use my big brown eyes and beg to use other people's garages and decks for the messy stuff, and the rest of the time, I use my kitchen with a big pink $1.99 blanket as a drop cloth.  I am as thrifty as can be most of the time, but I am learning that there are some things worth paying good money for.

And my general premise on design and decorating:  Surround yourself with what you love.

Project #1 for this blog:  In my previous blog, I posted a picture of this chair that I bought for $9:

Well, it is currently undergoing a complete overhaul.  I am taking "Greening Your Sofa or Chair" at Kirkwood Community College as one of their adult continuing education courses.  I am loving it, and this chair is my project.  Get ready!!

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  1. I'm excited about reading your new blog. I hope you update often. Miss you sooooo much, girl! Love ya!


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